Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Releases 0.80 and beyond.

Work is advancing for the next release, 0.80, which should be out soon.  We're adding the ability to put in a custom title and subtitle for the status and uptime summary report pages so that those who wish can display these pages directly to the public, with their own brand at the top.  There seems to be a growing trend to do this, particularly for server monitoring, to build public confidence in a site a bit, and perhaps, incidentally, to reduce support calls and questions as to whether a site is up or down.    Both good things, and certainly well worth having in the more advanced Appchkrs.   The group reports are included - all four reports will have this. 

Later we'll add a some more sizzle by providing an html template to frame the reports, the ability to put logos and other images into it,  and for some degree of reformatting of the data, for an even greater level of customization and branding.   The self-refreshing branded reports served up by the UWI should ultimately provide practically everything that could be imagined and needed in this area. 

The other major thing going on is the addition of an interactive uptime history report.  This report will greatly aid and speed detecting and diagnosing recurring downtime incidents.  The interactive feature will help drilling down from a broad view to specific brief incidents in a narrow time frame.   The first stage of this report may make it into 0.80.  If not, then one of the releases shortly after that.    As with the branding it will take several releases to build the full level of functionality. 

We welcome your comments on these plans, as well as any others you'd like to contribute.