Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Connect Time Latency Reporting Added

Release 1.01, just out today, upgrades connect time logging to the millisecond/microsecond level and adds connect time latency alerting and reporting based on this new level of detail.  As a major functionality addition the release number has been bumped to 1.01 from the previous release of 0.91.   Releases 0.92-1.00 have been skipped. 

Warning alerts at both the absolute time level and % increase level have been incorporated with minimum fuss to accommodate the wide range of connect times possible among Appchkr users.  There is the usual wide range of flexibility provided by Appchkrs for special cases.

The Latency Summary report gives a quick, simple, one-page text summary across all connecting targets.  A Latency History graphical report similar to the Uptime History report is in the works and should appear sometime in the next few releases.  Adding a latency spike alert in the near future is also under consideration due to a few such events observed during testing.   We welcome your comments on these plans, as well as in any other areas.